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PMK undertake the construction of new build villas and homes. We have established proven processes to ensure that projects run smoothly from inception to completion. We understand the importance of adhering to project plans and take great pride in our work and in meeting deadlines.

Our experienced teams advise and work in partnership with our clients to help them get exactly what they are after whilst meeting the necessary structural engineering and building control requirements.


Building The Dream

At PMK Living we offer our clients a wide variety of luxury home construction and home design-related services. No matter the project scale, PMK stand ready to realise your dream project.

In-house Design

PMK will take control of the design. With our in-house design team and through collaboration with leading architects and interior designers we assemble a team to make your dreams a reality.
Dubai.  New Luxury Tip villas on the Pal


All clients are introduced to the principles of PMK. The PMK Living project team and cloud based project software they use, means all parties know who is responsible & who to approach for any queries should they arise. This also means any issues can be resolved more quickly as all parties will be dealing with the people directly responsible.

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