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House with Pool


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Design & Build

Design and build offers a seamless transition from Brief to Build with the same Project Designer, Project manager and dedicated build team. Our projects run smoothly, to budget and on time. Managing all aspects of the process from start to finish with a dedicated team makes for a satisfying and stress free experience. We work with the client from start to finish with one point of contact for all your requirements. Client satisfaction is the true measure of a project and one that the PMK living team covers most.


As well as providing in-house design services, the PMK Living team also collaborates with external landscape designers which increases the options for the client to realise their vision.
Exterior design in luxury pool villa fea
Villa Pool

The Design & Build Process

Initial Consultation and Site Visit

This meeting is an opportunity to tour your existing landscape and to determine requirements and objectives.

Site Analysis and Measurement

After the proposal has been accepted, a second visit is an opportunity to measure the property and gather specific site information such as sun and shade patterns, evaluation of existing plants and the influence of surrounding properties. An detailed survey of your garden will be carried by our in-house survey team and a CAD model prepared

Preliminary Concept Plan

These plan view (overhead) drawings will convey alternative ideas for the style and overall layout of the garden. Sketches or photographs may be included to help you visualize the design. These may be hand-drawn or prepared on the computer. 

Design Documents 

All documents are prepared in the CAD format with various deliverables available. While every design is different, most design packages include the following:

Landscape Plan – Provides a detailed, scaled, working drawing that your contractor uses to install the design.

Planting Plan – Indicates botanical and common names of all plants, location, and quantities. 

Lighting Plan – Shows location and fixture type for low voltage lighting plans. Lighting is one of the most under appreciated elements in a garden, and extends and enhances your enjoyment of the garden.

Construction Phase 

At the end of this process, everything is in place to begin the construction phase of your vision. With detailed plans and schedules in place the PMK living site team gets to work to make your dream space a reality. Our highly trained teams combined with the support of our in-house designers means you get your vision delivered on time and within budget.

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